Electrical Pro 3.5

Source:Comoving Magnetics

Comoving Magnetics makes quality electrical engineering apps!

A great tool for electrical engineers and electricians.

This app is a compilation of five sub apps that use the 2008/2011 NEC electrical code.

Bury Depth:
This will calculate the depth needed to bury a line.

Box Conduit Fill Pro:
This will calculate:
The maximum wires in a conduit
The minimum box size
The minimum conduit/nipple size

Fault Calculator Pro:
This will calculate:
A fault over a line
A fault through a XFMR
The bracing de-rate factor for a utility XR ratio

Motor Calculations:
Locked Rotor Amps
NEC Motor Table Look-up

Voltage Drop Pro:
This app will calculate:
The voltage/percent drop for a wire
Minimum wire size for a given percent drop
Max wire length for a given percent drop
Max amps for a given percent drop
The impedance of the wire based on the inputted values
Click the green "Voltage" label for custom voltages

Wire Ampacity Pro:
This app will calculate:
The minimum wire or max amps based on the inputted ampacity for low and medium voltages,
The equipment and service ground size
A residential feeder size
Click the green "Ampacity" label to switch between minimum wire and wire ampacity

This app uses the 2008/2011 NEC to calculate values.

Now you can save initial values to be used in the calculations!

Where length is inputted you can use your GPS from your phone to get an approximate distance (only as accurate as the GPS in your phone).

This app gives you the ability to email the answers calculated to yourself and others.

See the about menu for additional functionality.

Please e-mail any questions, comments or concerns. If you like the app please rate it, if not please send an e-mail and let us know why so that we can make the necessary changes.

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